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Fattoria le Pupille

The operating nucleus of the property, from early 2000, is in proximity of Istia d’Ombrone, nearby Grosseto. The property is an antique farmhouse and its silhouette is present in some of the most recognizable wine labels of Le Pupille, the whole winery is surrounded by a 12 hectares vineyard, including a small patch destined to an experimentation of old Sangiovese grapes, coming from ancient vine rows. At first it is difficult to imagine that this large, quiet house is the beating heart of an agricultural activity, it rather seems like a noble residency surrounded by a large english style lawn and a myriad of flowers. Then the smell of must reveals the presence of a winery hidden by ivy, and once one enters the well-finished environment, the offices and tasting room appear like a succession of drawing rooms that the house owner has made to be warm and welcoming.


Available Wines

Rosamati Rose - cspc 791023 - Fact Sheet
Morellino di Scansano DOCG - cspc 52013- Fact Sheet
Morellino di Scanso Riserva DOCG - cspc 346445- Fact Sheet
Toscana Rosso IGT Poggio Valente - cspc 51490 - Fact Sheet
Toscana Rosso IGT Saffredi - cspc 494377 - Fact Sheet