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Gosset Champagne 

For over four centuries, great care has been taken to preserve a family  know-how in the making of our wines of Champagne. In 1584, Pierre Gosset, alderman of Aÿ and wine-grower made still wines, mostly red, with the grapes he harvested from his own vines. In those days, two wines vied for pride of place at the table of the Kings of France: the wine of Aÿ and, from several hundreds of leagues further south, the wines of Beaune. Both were made from the same grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Then, in the 18th century, the wines made in and around Aÿ began to bubble. Today, the Gosset cuvées are still presented in the antique flask identical to the one used since the 18th century. 


Available Wines

Grand Rosé Brut - cspc 80663 - Fact Sheet
Grande Réserve Brut - cspc 213983 - Fact Sheet
Grand Blanc de Blancs - cspc 120855 - Fact Sheet


Château de Brigue

The vineyard domain Château de Brigue started in 1970 as a family venture. Following the founder Roger Brun’s steps, his son Fernand developed the domain and today, the third generation winemakers and brothers Jean-Michel, Christian, Olivier, and Frederic Brun carry on the tradition in this family owned estate of winery, vineyards, and olive grove.  Through the accumulated dedication and know-how of each generation, Château de Brigue raised to an institution of superior winemaking and one of the largest family domains in Provence.


Available Wines

Rosé - cspc 645028 - SOLD OUT


Domaine Boucabeille

Domaine Boucabeille comprises 28 hectares (69 acres) of grape-vines planted on the schistose slopes of the Forca Real hill near Perpignan. It was born out of a hare-brained gamble: to replant vines on the very hillside where for centuries the best wines in the region originated. Wine growing was in fact abandoned during the 20th century as it was considered to be too laborious and unprofitable.

Replanting took place in the mid-1970s, in the heart of the scrubland and amidst a fauna and flora extremely hostile to young vine seedlings.

It is in this environment, patiently built on steep slopes over more than 30 years, far from any settlements and from any other activity, the Domaine produces its organically-grown grapes. All work in the vines is carried out by hand, which will always continue to be the case. I limit my input during the fermentation of the must in the vats so that the wine remains the true testimony of this terrain.  


Available Wines

Les Terrasses - cspc 464883
Les Orris - cspc 472662 - SOLD OUT